Copper Harbor Trip Day 2

Started with bumming a cup of mud off Matt and my first attempt at breakfast sandwiches on a charcoal grill. (this is a patience game I found)  Off to a good start we decided to climb up and hit “the flow” to warm up. It was women’s weekend and Lindsey Voreis ( was putting on a ladies clinic. Its really awesome to see ladies charging through jump sections and high speed tech sections cheering for each other on. Her husband Kirt was also doing one, that in hind sight I wish I would of took it and got some pointers.


Riding back up I realized that I didn’t miss the punchy ups & downs of down state as I liked settling into a good climb followed by the reward of bermed out relaxation descending. Judging by the smiles around me no one else was bothered either.


Zig zagging around the Keweenaw Mtn lodge is some chose your own adventure fun on the way to “red trail” to finish the day off. Reds my favorite ender to my day here. Fast & scary.


ended the day at the beach, fully relaxed.




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