Copper Harbor Trip 2013 Day 1

Image   If you ride mountain bikes and haven’t made a trip to C.H, you’re doing yourself a giant disservice.


We arrived Thursday night and got set up just in time to receive the 3.5 inches of rain that crashed against the tent for the next 7 hours. Waking up on the wrong side of the sleeping bag  thinking at least a day would be wasted. Oh man was I wrong! A quick five minute pedal and a few manuals through some drainage streams coming off the mountain and we were on “Garden Brook” to “On The Edge” 800 feet up. Image    This is the only way to access the trail gold that runs all ways off Brockway Mtn. We chose to take “The Flow” that drops 500 ft in 10mins of endure style trail fun, berms, rock and rollers and the addition of a small jump line made this a daily shred for us. My faithful dog Gwen did this whole trail with us too. She is one awesome animal.

After getting Gwen back to camp I meet back up with Matt & Jay at the top of “Garden Brook”. I took the medium jump line “Danimal” thinking I would meet back up. I zig’ed when I should of zag’ed in turn loosing my crew for the rest of the day. Spending the rest of the day crashing through puddles and small springs draining out of the mountain with the loose plan of getting to “the red trail” followed by “mango”. These are double black diamond arm pump thrill rides that will test bike and will. Their amazing and need to be seen to be believed. This was the icing on the day for me, clocking in 26ish miles. It was time for a beer and hi-fives while hearing about the others adventures.DSC05182

Oh Lake Superior is stunna at sunset.


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